Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The La Di Da World

Hey everyone!!! =D I have since of late resorted to keeping my mouth shut. After all, "Silence is Golden" .... lol. Instead I use a "Little Green Book" to note down my "spiteful comebacks "... Here are excerpts... which of course have no meaning now that the issues are history, but nevertheless give me giggles =D

  • Don't take life too seriously, you will never get out of it ALIVE!

  • Who gave you the right to judge me??

  • Nothing like a nice new shoe to boost your confidence..

  • Is there anything else that brightens your day, than a little puppy or kitten?

  • Contrary to popular belief around here, I DO have a lot of work. It's just that I don't take-up all that much time to do it (like you do =P ) ... but there are instances when I need to fully concentrate on what I am doing... not listen to your bickering ..

  • If I am not talking to you and I am trying to read the newspaper, why do you feel the need to poke yourself into my world???

  • Being miserly is not poor nor is being poor miserly..

  • Almsgivings are not about showing how much money or status you have, it's the thought that counts

  • Organizing an exorbitant Almsgiving but not lending your family money, is sooo not cool >=[ ... even more UN-cool is, boasting about it in office !!

  • Why does everyone forget my birthday nor get me any presents, but remember that I need to give them a treat?

  • Does keeping your mouth shut, entitle you to free "kick-on-the-ass" ??

  • Why do people expect less from someone just coz they are supposed to be WEAK and more from you if you are healthy? Is that really fair??

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

chicken receipes anyone?

Chicken and cheese and tomatoes receipes anyone??? or any other
chicken receipes... leaving out the dull chicken curry , of course =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best Camera for value

Hi all

Can anyone tell me what is the best camera to buy for wedding/wildlife and nature photography???

Is anyone in these fields? Can you guys help me out?

What to look for and what I should check when buying a digital camera?

Thank you

Friday, August 13, 2010

Love thy neighbour ??

Hey people ... how you guys doing?? =D

Been having some problems with the neighbours these days ... well, actually, it's just one =)

This old (sorta middle-aged, I guess) guy living on the side of our house has got into the habit of sweeeping the road, stacking his leaves along our border wall and lighting bonfires... as a result the wall is cracking in several places and our home keeps filling up with smoke and dust most of the days.

The best part is that he sweeps his side and dumps all the stuff on our side, then cleans his drains and digs round our wall and fills in the drains with our earth. I half expect the wall to tumble over any momment =(

Hubby got really wild last week and blasted the guy =) It's not as if I haven't asked them no to do it. I have... really politely and twice. But wouldn't you know it? He turned out to be ( insert fanfare here . . . tantaraaaa....... A LAWYER !!! .... Oh.. so, that explains why he doesn't know even the minimal laws . . . =D

And even his daughter is into law and several Buddhist societies etc.. I wish people would practice what they preach .. ha ha ha....

And guess what? He says there is a law saying he can do it, coz apparently the leaves are falling onto the road from our Rambutan tree..... So that makes him the CWC? I guess it's fine if he wants to sweep the road, thats great, you know... nice to have people like that in the country ( what with how its turning out these days !) But, ok, so I don't think there is a law that says he has to burn it near our wall!!! And he had even argued and yelled around a lot saying he's lawyer etc., and that he had always burned his dirt there!! so, that means, coz he has done it always, we have to let him do it FOREVER???

He had told hubby that it's against the law to keep dirt outside the house border. So, what? Isn't that like contradicting what he has said?? So, that means the law is such that, we can't keep dirt outside but he can pile up and BURN bonfires around OUR wall?

What do you guys think??? Any ideas? coz, I thin he will probably contune doing it .... I really don't understand people these days =( Why don't we guys (bloggers) join up and live in one neighbourhood? I think that would be great, huh ? =D =D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Receipe help


Looking for receipes for Chow chow (chocho, chayote) ................

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi everybody,
Could someone highlight me on the following point........

When wearing saree, do you match the jewellery to the saree or the jacket colour? Coz, I've got a saree that's black with peacock feather designs in green and dark blue workings, but the jacket is silver with silver stones worked on it. Which colour jewellery should I wear? and do you wear a neclace for halter tops??

And if the saree is a dark pink with gold/bronze work on it, would pink earrings match with a gold necklace??

help please..........

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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