Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The La Di Da World

Hey everyone!!! =D I have since of late resorted to keeping my mouth shut. After all, "Silence is Golden" .... lol. Instead I use a "Little Green Book" to note down my "spiteful comebacks "... Here are excerpts... which of course have no meaning now that the issues are history, but nevertheless give me giggles =D

  • Don't take life too seriously, you will never get out of it ALIVE!

  • Who gave you the right to judge me??

  • Nothing like a nice new shoe to boost your confidence..

  • Is there anything else that brightens your day, than a little puppy or kitten?

  • Contrary to popular belief around here, I DO have a lot of work. It's just that I don't take-up all that much time to do it (like you do =P ) ... but there are instances when I need to fully concentrate on what I am doing... not listen to your bickering ..

  • If I am not talking to you and I am trying to read the newspaper, why do you feel the need to poke yourself into my world???

  • Being miserly is not poor nor is being poor miserly..

  • Almsgivings are not about showing how much money or status you have, it's the thought that counts

  • Organizing an exorbitant Almsgiving but not lending your family money, is sooo not cool >=[ ... even more UN-cool is, boasting about it in office !!

  • Why does everyone forget my birthday nor get me any presents, but remember that I need to give them a treat?

  • Does keeping your mouth shut, entitle you to free "kick-on-the-ass" ??

  • Why do people expect less from someone just coz they are supposed to be WEAK and more from you if you are healthy? Is that really fair??

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